This course provides you with 3 exam standard tutorial mock exams that allow you to practice for the real ACCA exam on a platform that replicates the structure, format and the likely style and range of questions that could be asked.


You should take this course when you have covered the syllabus material and you are ready to attempt a full exam. Taking the mock exams will help you to become familiar with the question types and the features and functionality of the real exam.

Performance Management (PM) | CBE Mock Module

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  • The best time to use these programmes is as part of your final revision stage, after you have studied and revised all of the material and you’re feeling ready to tackle a full-length exam. 2 weeks before your exam is a good time to take Mock 1.

    Mocks 1 and 2 can help to guide your final revision strategy, and Mock 3 will help to consolidate your final studies.



    In Mock 1 and Mock 2 we have included hints to help you to improve your exam technique. Some of the hints are about using the functions on the exam platform, other hints are about how to approach the questions. You can chose to see the hints or not see them, but you’ll get the most from the mocks if you do look at the hints.


    Section C - Constructed Response

    The Section C questions are answered in a constructed response area, which is either a spreadsheet or a word processing document. You will become more familiar with spreadsheets and word-processing as you go through the three mock exams in the program.

    The big advantage of computer based exams is that you don’t need to worry about the marker not being able to read your handwriting!



    In our practice exams the Section A and Section B questions are automatically marked, but Section C cannot be computer marked, so we provide you with model answers and marking schemes for the Section C questions so that you can mark them yourself.

    Once you submit your mock exam you will be able to see feedback on all the questions. You should review all the questions that you got wrong, of course, and also any questions that you weren’t sure about.

    In the feedback you will also see an analysis of your result by syllabus area, so you can target your revision on the syllabus areas you performed less strongly on.