Our Approach


ACCA exam preparation courses built by experts

Sonar's ACCA CBEs

Sonar Education was founded in 2018 by a group of education professionals with decades of experience with accountancy qualifications. We realised that while accountancy bodies have moved to computer-based assessment, there are not many resources to support learning providers and to enable students to practise mock exams in a realistic online environment.

Launched with courses for the ACCA Applied Skills exams, we now also offer courses for Strategic Professional level (ACCA). 

Sonar’s interactive courses replicate the ACCA exam environment, offering ACCA students a unique and tailored aid to revision and final exam preparation.​

How it works

Learning Approach

We use the cognitive learning approach, which is ideally suited to professional education since it is based on the premise that learners will use theoretical knowledge to solve problems in the real world.


We use scaffolding techniques to support learners to acquire the expertise to effectively use the functionality of the exam platform. We combine this with teaching on exam technique to ensure that students use the most effective method to answer the exam questions. This enables students to demonstrate their full knowledge and skills in the exam.


The scaffolding in Mock 1 and Mock 2 develops the students’ abilities, and Mock 3 is a chance to practice the real exam experience.

Full feedback is provided for each question, and in addition video debriefs are provided for the Section C questions (section B for AA).

Each CBE program is made up of a set of 3 mock exams that will test and reinforce your technical knowledge, and also give you practice with computer-based assessment.  When you finish the program, you will be in a much better position when it comes to taking the exam.


In Mock 1 and Mock 2 we have included hints to help you to improve your exam technique. Some of the hints are about using the functions on the exam platform, other hints are about how to approach the questions. You can chose to see the hints or not see them, but you’ll get the most from the mocks if you do look at the hints. 

Section C - Constructed Response

The Section C questions are answered in a constructed response area, which is either a spreadsheet or a word processing document. 

You will become more familiar with spreadsheets and word-processing as you go through the three mock exams in the program.  

The big advantage of computer based exams is that you don’t need to worry about the marker not being able to read your handwriting!


In our practice exams the Section A and Section B questions are automatically marked, but Section C cannot be computer marked, so we provide you with model answers and marking schemes for the Section C questions so that you can mark them yourself.

Once you submit your mock exam you will be able to see feedback on all the questions. You should review all the questions that you got wrong, of course, and also any questions that you weren’t sure about.

In the feedback you will also see an analysis of your result by syllabus area, so you can target your revision on the syllabus areas you performed less strongly on.

Other Resources

The ACCA website has a number of resources to help you with the computer-based exam and you should access these during your revision if you can.  Click here for more information.