We are Sonar Education

Sonar Education provides an on-demand computer-based exam (CBE) practice platform that supports ACCA students in preparing for their exams.  Our mission is to revolutionise the way students learn by providing them with access to realistic practice exams to support their journey to exam success.

Sonar Education was conceived in 2018, when the three co-founders - Valli Rajagopal, Helena Jones and Dom Light - former colleagues at a leading training provider - joined forces to find a solution to the frustration of accountancy students at the lack of computer-based accountancy exam practice resources.  Why ‘Sonar’?  Well, it comes from our desire to help students navigate successfully through the challenges of passing their accountancy exams by providing targeted resources.

We believe the best way for students to pass exams is with lots of practice.  Combining our expertise in accountancy education with over 70 years’ collective experience of researching and writing educational and teaching materials, we are uniquely qualified to develop courses that will help ACCA students achieve success in their exams.

Every Sonar Education course is built with exam success in mind.  We use an evidence-based learning approach built on the belief that passing an exam is not just about access to standard practice exam questions and answers, but also about teaching students’ better exam-taking skills.

We launched our first courses in 2019 and they were immediately popular with tuition providers.  Within months, hundreds of ACCA students were using the courses to support their exam preparation.  Fast forward to 2020 and interest has continued to surpass expectations - with additional courses added to meet the demand, but also with the aim of increasing access for self-study students by providing an affordable computer-based exam practice solution to get students ACCA exam ready.